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About the Learning and Therapy Corner

The LEARNING AND THERAPY CORNER, LLC was originally established in 2002 by Megan Lekas, M.S., CCC-SLP, as the Communication Corner.  In 2008, with the addition of other professionals, the name was changed to LEARNING AND THERAPY CORNER to better reflect the variety of services offered. Currently, we provide traditional speech-language pathology services, occupational therapy services, reading programs, and music therapy. Most recently, psychological and behavioral services were added to the practice making the LEARNING AND THERAPY CORNER one of the most comprehensive pediatric clinics in the area.

Our Therapists


The LEARNING AND THERAPY CORNER only hires highly qualified therapists committed to providing quality service and treatment.  All of our therapists are master level educated, licensed, and actively continuing their educations.  We have multiple therapists who have received training and/or certification in various reading programs such as Phono-Graphix® and Orton-Gillingham, handwriting/fine motor programs such as Handwriting Without Tears, and communication methods such as Picture Exchange System Communication, SCERTS, and ABA discrete trial.  We are able to provide services from birth to adulthood and to clients who may be experiencing delays/disorders or, have experienced insults such as a stroke or traumatic brain injury.  We offer services that build strong foundations for successful learning experiences for all children.

Our Mission


We pride ourselves in delivering personal, effective, and competent services to every family.  The process often begins with a comprehensive evaluation to determine each child's specific needs; however we also accept evaluations from other professionals.  Next, a treatment plan is designed for each client to address these needs. Every client is treated as an individual and therapy/learning programs and goals are developed specifically to meet their needs.  The LEARNING AND THERAPY CORNER works closely with family, teachers, and/or other professionals involved in the client's daily life to make sure we address all areas to be the most effective.  We believe that collaboration with family, school, and other professionals is the key in achieving the highest level of improvement.  Finally, progress is documented and shared with the client and family.  Goals and programs are reviewed and updated as goals are met and progress is achieved until the client is ready for dismissal from services.


Typically, the LEARNING AND THERAPY CORNER does not take the "wait and see" approach unless the concerns that brought you to us are not considered developmentally attainable.  We understand the financial and time commitments that treatment often requires; therefore we explore all options with each family.  We strongly support early intervention.